Elevate your space with Aurelia, a timeless cordless lamp that effortlessly combines sumptuous fabric and gleaming golden metal for a sophisticated ambiance.

Weather-Ready and Waterproof

Weather-Ready and Waterproof Crafted with a waterproof design, Aurelia gracefully withstands the elements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, Aurelia assures you of its unwavering performance and timeless charm, no matter the weather.

Customizable Lighting

Easily adjust the brightness to suit your preferences in three simple steps. Whether you desire a soft glow or a brighter illumination, Aurelia offers flexibility to create the perfect lighting ambiance for any occasion.

Pleated Fabric Lampshade

Aurelia boasts a stunning metallic gold finish, elegantly complementing its pleated fabric lamp shade and gold metal body. Elevate your space with this luxurious and timeless design, adding a touch of sophistication to any decor.

battery capacity
until fully charged
of light (med Brightness)


Upgrade Your Space with Aurelia Cordless Lamps

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