Elysian II

Discover the enchantment of Elysian II, where elegance merges with a seamless wireless illumination, now with a captivating mushroom-shaped head.

All-Weather Durability

Engineered with a waterproof rating, Elysian exceptional performance in diverse weather conditions. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, rest assured of its enduring functionality and enduring style.

Customizable Illumination

Tailor the lighting ambiance to your preference with Elysian’s adjustable brightness. With the ability to tweak the color temperature from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K, find the perfect lighting tone for any moment, whether it’s a cozy evening or a vibrant gathering.

Dazzling Variety of Finishes

Explore our array of stunning finishes, from rich metallic options like gold, bronze, and silver, to chic matte alternatives. Customize your lamp to match your interior decor and infuse an exquisite touch of elegance into your space.

Wireless Charging Option

Embrace the convenience of wireless charging for Eclipse. With this optional feature, you can effortlessly power up your lamp by simply placing it on a compatible wireless charging pad.

battery capacity
until fully charged
of light (med Brightness)

Radiant Elysian: Your Space, Your Style

Metallic Gold

Timeless Elegance

Opt for our Elysian lamp in the stunning metallic gold brass look, adding timeless sophistication to any space.

Metallic Bronze

Earthy Opulence

Choose our Elysian lamp in the lustrous metallic bronze look for an earthy and opulent ambiance.

Metallic Silver

Contemporary Shine

Opt for our Elysian lamp in the sleek metallic silver look for a modern touch of shine and sophistication.


State-of-the-Art Charging Options

Experience the utmost convenience with our cordless table lamps, offering two practical choices: USB-only and USB plus wireless. Opt for the wireless version with an included charging pad, ensuring seamless, hassle-free charging. Furthermore, this wireless option effortlessly syncs with our dedicated charging station, capable of charging up to 6 lamps simultaneously (available separately). Select the solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

USB-C Only

Streamlined and efficient, our USB-only option is perfect for those seeking straightforward functionality and reliable power.

Wireless Charging Pad

Experience the best of both worlds with our USB plus wireless option. Enjoy the flexibility of wireless charging, supported by a charging pad (included) for added convenience.

Wireless Charging Station

Elevate your charging game with our dedicated wireless charging station. Designed to power up to 6 lamps simultaneously, it’s the epitome of modern convenience.

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