Meet “Luna” – A cordless metal lamp with a charming mushroom-inspired design, providing effortless illumination and timeless elegance.

Weather-Proof and Waterproof

Crafted with a waterproof rating, Luna gracefully withstands the elements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, Luna assures you of its unwavering performance and timeless charm, no matter the weather.

Customizable Lighting

Elevate your lighting experience with Luna’s customizable illumination. Adjust the brightness to suit your preferences. Plus, fine-tune the color temperature, ranging from a warm 2700K to a crisp 6500K, to create the perfect lighting atmosphere.

Luna’s Elegant Finishes

Luna offers a range of stunning finishes, from metallic gold, silver, and a matte black option. Customize your lamp to match your style and elevate your space.

Wireless Charging Convenience

Experience seamless charging with Luna’s wireless option. Effortlessly power your lamp by placing it on any compatible wireless charging pad, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience.

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Elevate Your Space with Luna’s Mushroom Cordless Lamps

Metallic Gold

Gold Brilliance

Choose Luna in captivating metallic gold to infuse timeless elegance into your surroundings.

Metallic Bronze

Earthy Opulence

Opt for Luna in rich metallic bronze for a touch of earthy opulence in your space.

Matte Black

Contemporary Elegance

Choose Luna in matte black for a contemporary and elegant touch.


Seamless Charging Options

Our remarkable Luna lamp offers versatile charging solutions. Choose between the straightforward USB-only option for convenient power, or opt for the USB plus wireless version, which includes a charging pad for hassle-free charging. Customize your lighting experience to your preferences.

USB-C Only

Streamlined and efficient, our USB-only option is perfect for those seeking straightforward functionality and reliable power.

Wireless Charging Pad

Experience the best of both worlds with our USB plus wireless option. Enjoy the flexibility of wireless charging, supported by a charging pad (included) for added convenience.

Upgrade Your Space with Luna Cordless Lamps

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