Meet Nova, the pinnacle of modern elegance in lighting. With its sleek, umbrella-like design and radiant gold finish, Nova exudes sophistication and charm.

Weatherproof Versatility

Nova boasts an IP54 waterproof rating, ensuring resilience against the elements. Whether enhancing your indoor decor or elevating your outdoor ambiance, Nova delivers enduring performance and enduring allure, regardless of the weather conditions.

Adjustable Brightness

Nova offers customizable lighting with stepless brightness adjustment at your fingertips. While featuring a single warm white color temperature, Nova empowers you to create the ideal lighting ambiance with ease, ensuring a perfect glow for any occasion.

Unique Design Elegance

Experience the distinctive allure of Nova with its sleek and sophisticated retro-style design. Featuring a heavy umbrella-like lampshade and a bold yet elegant silhouette, Nova adds a touch of timeless charm to any space, making it the perfect centerpiece for your decor.

battery capacity
until fully charged
of light (med Brightness)

Metallic Gold

Golden Radiance

Bask in the luxurious glow of Nova’s metallic gold finish, casting an enchanting radiance that elevates any space with timeless elegance.

Sand Brown

Earthy Opulence

Experience the rustic charm of Nova’s sand brown hue, echoing the rough texture of windswept sands for a uniquely sophisticated ambiance.


Upgrade Your Space with Nova Cordless Lamps

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